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  • Foodland, Ontario.

    Foodland, Ontario.

    Supreme Egg Products proudly manufactures high quality liquid egg product from eggs supplied by Ontario producers and is also proud to display the Foodland, Ontario logo

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  • An experience

    An experience

    Supreme Egg Products, the newest egg breaking station in Canada, plans to increase the sale and marketing of quality process eggs in Canada.

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  • HRI


    This particular section is placed at the disposal of food services professionnals. You will find, among other things, the nutritional value of raw eggs Supreme Egg Products incorporated in their delicious recipes!

    Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions
  • The team

    The team

    Supreme Egg Products has over 20 employees dedicated to provide quality products!

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  • Accessibility Standard for Customer Service Plan

    Accessibility Standard for Customer Service Plan

    Supreme Egg Products Inc. is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities.

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Why Supreme Egg Products ?

 There is certainly a good reason why Supreme Egg Products Inc. is constantly growing on the Ontario market. The company belongs to a group of egg producers and a group of experts in the processed egg industry. The company has grown steadily in Ontario and outside of the province as well. Supreme Egg Products Inc. supplies many industrial clients and food distributors who are looking for high quality products. Supreme Egg Products Inc. is able to meet the requirements of its many customers and has the HACCP certification.


Service, exceptional quality and competitive prices !

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Supreme Egg Products has a complete identification system on each box, pail or tote of processed eggs. This allows us to clearly identify our ingredient or packaging material supplier, etc. Our system also allows us to track the final destination of each product. Following these findings, Supreme Egg Products reinforces our quality assurance commitment with our customers.

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Our featured products
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  • Liquid albumen 20 kgLiquid albumen 20 kg